Bandy the Guinea Pig

Bandy is a lovely guinea pig that loves everyone. He likes licking your finger when you hold him. He is gentle and wouldn’t ever dream of hurtin...

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Bandy, my loving sweetie

Zed The fastest tongue in the West!

  As a family, we always adopt any furry critters from rescues or pounds and even at times have had people show up at our door with creatures nee...

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Zed-Lover Man

guinea pig run ideas

 Give your guinea pig a safe area to run around outside, feel the fresh air, and munch on fresh grass with these outdoor guinea pig run ideas. Gu...

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Outdoor Guinea Pig Run Ideas

ringworm in guinea pigs

  Ringworm is a common infection in guinea pigs. Here’s everything you need to know about ringworm in guinea pigs. The name ringworm refers...

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Ringworm in Guinea Pigs


 Here are some interesting facts about the guinea pig life span and some tips on how to ensure your guinea pig lives a long, healthy and happy li...

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Guinea Pig Life Span

Guinea pig pet insurance

  You may have heard about guinea pig pet insurance. What is it? How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Let’s look at guinea pig pet insura...

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Guinea Pig Pet Insurance

vitamin c calculator

Is your guinea pig getting enough vitamin C through his diet or should you use a supplement? Find out now! Do you want to know exactly how much Vitami...

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How Much Vitamin C Calculator

How to Bathe a Guinea Pig

  There will come a time when you might want to give your guinea pig a bath. Here’s some quick tips to make it go smoothly. How Often Shoul...

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How To Bathe a Guinea Pig


  It is common knowledge that guinea pigs are social animals, but what do you know about guinea pig bonding? What biochemistry is responsible for...

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Guinea Pig Bonding

guinea pig cage cleaning

  How often should you clean the guinea pig’s cage? What is the fastest, easiest way to do it? Let’s look at some cage maintenance ti...

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Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

can guinea pigs eat tool

  Can Guinea Pigs Eat ___? Tool Enter a food and see if it is safe for guinea pigs! Since guinea pigs are herbivores, do not enter meats, dairy, ...

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tool

guinea pig dominance

  Why do guinea pigs exhibit dominance behaviors? What are those behaviors? How do you deal with them? Let’s take a look at dominance. Unde...

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Guinea Pig Dominance

guinea pig bedding

  What Guinea pig bedding options are available? Which is best? Read about the different kinds and the pros and cons of each. Bedding is an impor...

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Guinea Pig Bedding

vitamin c for guinea pigs

  Here are is an in-depth look at Vitamin C for guinea pigs.   Jump to: What Exactly is Vitamin C? What Does Vitamin C Do in the Body? What ...

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Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

guinea pig hay

  Guinea pigs need hay, but which type is best? What are all the options? What’s the best way to store it? How long does it last in storage...

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Guinea Pig Hay

guinea pigs colds and flu

  Do guinea pigs catch colds or the flu like us? Can we pass our illnesses to them? Can they pass it to us? Here’s everything you need to k...

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Guinea Pig Colds & Flu

hair loss in guinea pigs

  If you notice your guinea pig has some bald spots, you might become alarmed. Here are the most common causes and treatments. Jump to: Causes Tr...

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Guinea Pig Hair Loss

why do guinea pigs shake

  Have you noticed your guinea pig shaking or vibrating and wonder what it means? Here’s the lowdown on ‘Why do guinea pigs shake?...

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Why Do Guinea Pigs Shake?

guinea pig allergies

  Are some people allergic to guinea pigs? What do you do if you find out someone in your house has guinea pig allergies? Guinea pigs are wonderf...

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Guinea Pig Allergies

guinea pig pictures gallery

  Here is our gallery of guinea pig pictures. Please add your pictures! Do you have a cute guinea pig? We want to see! Please share your photos. ...

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Guinea Pig Pictures

guinea pig drawing

 Do you want to learn how to draw a guinea pig? Here’s a quick tutorial! If you like to draw but aren’t very good at it, here’s...

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How To Draw A Guinea Pig

how much do guinea pigs cost

  When thinking about getting a guinea pig, you probably want to know how much guinea pigs cost. We’ll explore all the costs involved with ...

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How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost

submit an article

 Submit an Article! I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning...

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Share Your Expertise!

Guinea Pig Toys

 You love your guinea pig and want him (or her) to have everything – safety, love, companionship. But what about entertainment? No one want...

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Guinea Pig Toys

40 Guinea Pig Facts

 Here are 40 Guinea Pig Facts to give you some common – and not-so-common – information about guinea pigs. Guinea pigs were first dom...

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40 Fun Guinea Pig Facts

do guinea pigs bite

 When considering a guinea pig for a pet, one of the most important things you want to know beforehand is “Do guinea pigs bite?”, esp...

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Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Silver Agouti abyssinian guinea pig

 Abyssinian guinea pigs are distinguished by their rosettes (hair radiating in a circle from a center point).  They have 8-10 rosettes on their ...

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Abyssinian Guinea Pig Colors

PVC Guinea pig cage 2

 Buying a store-bought guinea pig cage has its drawbacks.  For one thing, most of the ones found at my local pet store or department store are n...

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Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage

what can guinea pigs eat

 A common question for new guinea pig owners is “What can guinea pigs eat?”.  If you want an at-a-glance look, check out the infogr...

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What Can Guinea Pigs Eat

baby guinea pigs

 Baby guinea pigs are adorable little creatures with over-sized legs and ears attached to tiny little bodies.  Knowing how to properly care for ...

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Baby Guinea Pigs

guinea pig name generator

 Sometimes it can be difficult to choose that perfect name for your guinea pig, so I’ve included a list of guinea pig names to give you som...

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Guinea Pig Names

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live

  How long do guinea pigs live?  Well, on average, guinea pigs live about 5-7 years.  How long a guinea pig lives can depend on many factors, h...

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How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live

Guinea Pig Sounds

 What is My Guinea Pig Saying? Guinea pigs are very communicative, and knowing what the different guinea pig sounds mean can help you take better...

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Guinea Pig Sounds