guinea pig quiz which guinea pig breed is right for you

Find out which guinea pig breed would be a good match for you by taking our quiz!

Guinea pig Hair types

Do you prefer a short-haired guinea pig, a long-haired guinea pig, or a hairless guinea pig?

Laid back guinea pig
Image: Pinterest

Which is better - Mischievous or laid-back and well-behaved?

Curly-haired guinea pig

Which do you prefer in a guinea pig - Curly Hair or Straight Hair?

grooming guinea pig

Do you want to spend time every week grooming your guinea pig?

tufted guinea pig

I really like the guinea pigs who have a tuft of hair on their head

Unique guinea pig
Image: Distractify

I like unique and different-looking guinea pigs

guinea pig rosettes

I prefer guinea pigs with rosettes (round swirls of hair)

Cuddling a guinea pig
Source: Farmbarn

I prefer a guinea pig that's really cuddly, sweet, and gentle.

Skinny guinea pig
Image: Rays Skinny Guinea

Which type of hairless guinea pig is more attractive - a bit of hair on their faces, legs, and feet, or no hair at all?

Loud guinea pig

I prefer a relatively quiet guinea pig