guinea pig resources

Guinea Pig Resources

Want a different perspective? Check out these sites for more guinea-pig-related information.

guinea pigs clubGuinea Pigs Club
This Cavy site can be a good reference for people who want to know more about guinea pigs or are searching to see if a Guinea Pig is the right pet for them.

> Guinea Pigs
Information on the care of pet guinea pigs or cavies, including feeding and cages for guinea pigs, as well as with pictures of guinea pigs.

Sierra Valley HaySierra Valley Hay
A farm in California that offers several different types of hays. You can order 20-lb boxes with mixed hays if you want a variety.

KMS HayloftKMS Hayloft
High quality hay and pellets.

hay expertsthe Hay Experts (UK)
Offers hays, grasses, foods, natural herbs and healthy treats for guinea pigs.

Small Pet Select Small Pet Select
Timothy hay sellers who also offer autoship.

guinea pig hotelCastle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel (UK)
A hotel for guinea pigs for short- or long-term stays.

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