6 Best Guinea Pig Treats

Everyone likes a nice treat, and guinea pigs are no exception. With a guinea pig’s diet being pretty wide-ranging (check our full list here), it can be hard figuring out what the best guinea pig treats are. Below I have highlighted some of my guinea pig’s favourites that are both delicious and healthy at the same time. Unlike most humans, a treat to a guinea pig doesn’t need to be something that is intrinsically unhealthy.

Guinea pigs are easy to care for and don’t require much attention. They just need a constant supply of water, hay, and dry food on a daily basis.

Now, a lot of the time, guinea pigs will act excited regardless of whether they have their ‘favourite’ food or not. Honestly, sometimes I can just make a slight noise and my guinea pigs will be walking to the moon. But the truth is, some foods are more favoured than others even though your guinea pigs’ reaction might indicate otherwise.

Keep in mind one guinea pig’s treat might be another guinea pig’s… well ‘meh’. While guinea pigs tend to like similar foods, their preferences can be slightly varied. In saying that, I have tried to encapsulate as wide a ranging list as possible for the even most diverse guinea pig pallet!

So, read through the list below! If you have any suggestions or comments, please submit them underneath. I love answering questions and general feedback from you guys.

One more note, if you do decide to purchase any of the vegetables/fruits as a treat, try and make sure they are pesticide free.

Guinea Pig Treat #1 – Carrots

Who doesn’t love a good carrot, right? Well, guinea pigs are no exception with carrots being a very healthy and delicious addition to their diet. However, like all treats, they are best enjoyed in moderation.

Moderation you ask? Why would something as healthy as a carrot have to be restricted in terms of a guinea pig’s overall intake? Well, believe it or not, carrots have a pretty high raw sugar level. While raw sugar is certainly healthier than its refined cousin, I would limit your guinea pig’s intake to one or two carrots a week.

Carrots do provide a nice source of fibre, vitamin A, K1 and B6 which is great. However, you will need to watch how much sugar consumption your guinea pig is taking in, and unlike (most) of us, guineas don’t understand self-restraint 😉

Guinea Pig Treat #2 – Nutritious Chew Sticks

A guinea pig’s teeth, unlike a human’s, are always growing. Typically, in a guinea pig’s natural environment, they would have ample items to chew and help them wear their teeth down. But in a more domesticated environment, it is up to us to provide them with things that will replicate this natural wearing down.

I recommend a chew stick that is able to provide some nice dietary benefits as well as some nice ‘teeth wear.’ It’s two birds with one stone really. Feel free to check out the ones below in the link. The below sticks are made entirely from Timothy hay so they can act as a nice dietary supplement as well.

Guinea Pig Treat #3 – Sliced Red Pepper

Guinea pigs love red pepper. One of the common issues guinea pigs face is a lack of vitamin C and just like humans, guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C on their own. Also, vitamin C deficiency is an important issue for guinea pigs and will negatively affect them if they don’t get enough vitamin C in their diet. They, therefore, need some form of fruit or vegetable to make up for this natural shortfall. Red peppers are naturally rich in vitamin C and are an all-time favourite of guinea pigs.

On top of this, red peppers are filled with B6 and are a great antioxidant. Personally, I like to cut the red pepper into thin slices and scatter them around my guinea pig’s home.

Guinea Pig Treat #4 – Apples

Who doesn’t like a good apple right? Well, guinea pigs are no exception. Apples are a nice healthy treat for your guinea pig. Like the red peppers, I prefer to slice up an apple and scatter them around my guinea home.

An important note with this treat, make sure you remove any and all seeds before you give them to your guinea pig. Apple seeds have cyanide inside them which is simply terrible for your little guys. While there are only small amounts in each seed, they are best left avoided if possible.

Guinea Pig Treat #5 – Cucumber

Cucumbers are an anti-oxidant and liquid rich treat for your guinea pigs. Unlike my other recommendations, you can pretty much feed your guinea pig as much of these as you like. Being low in sugar means that this treat is a nice, no bad side effects fruit (unlike my secret stash of jelly donuts)

Make sure you cut the ends of the cucumber and simply place the whole thing within easy reach of your little guy.

Guinea Pig Treat #6 – A Homemade Recipe

Feel free to experiment a little with a nice homemade treat recipe of your own. Throw some flour into a pot and get mixing. By making a guinea pig treat yourself, you are able to easily monitor what’s going into the recipe and as a result, into your guinea pig’s diet.

There Ya Go!

I hope that is enough for you there as far as lists go. Side note, if you are interested in a cool little probiotic that guinea pigs tend to love, check out this article here.

In conclusion, there are a number of different types of treats that are perfect for guinea pigs. These include fresh vegetables, hay, and specially made guinea pig treats. The guinea pig diet is mainly hay; we’re talking about hay. The alfalfa hay, oats, and wheat in this guinea pig’s diet supply it with fibre that is required to maintain its digestive health. By providing your guinea pig with a variety of healthy treats, you can ensure that they stay happy and healthy.

Once again, any questions or comments, throw them in below and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP!

Thanks again!