6 Guinea Pig Attractions Around the World

Guinea pigs have become popular as pets in many parts of the world, but their popularity doesn’t stop there. Guinea pig attractions offer visitors a chance to see these adorable creatures up close and learn about their customs and habits. Some of these attractions are just for tourists, while others are open to the general public and offer educational opportunities about guinea pigs.

You probably love playing with your guinea pig at home, but would you enjoy visiting a guinea pig attraction when you go out?

Japan’s animal cafes have exploded in popularity. You can have tea with owls or eat a meal while playing with hedgehogs. There are cafes for snakes, goats, penguins, cats, dogs, and a plethora of other animals.

But what about guinea pigs?

I searched high and low for a guinea pig café, but I couldn’t find any!

However, there are places around the world where you can hang out with guinea pigs.

Take a look…

1. Kyoto Zoo

The Kyoto Zoo in Kyoto, Japan has been a popular attraction in Japan since 1903, and they have a large guinea pig pen in the children’s area. Kids and adults get to interact with and pet guinea pigs. Here’s a video of the Kyoto guinea pigs going to lunch:

2. Ueno Zoo

The oldest zoo in Japan, the Ueno Zoo, also has a guinea pig petting area in the children’s section. When the day is done, the caretaker opens the door to their indoor pen and rings a bell.  One by one, the guinea pigs form a single-file line and climb a ramp to go home for the evening.

Check out the cute video at grapee.jp.

3. Nagasaki Bio Park

The guinea pigs at Nagasaki’s Bio Park Zoo became a viral internet sensation a couple years ago because they, too, are polite little cavies who traverse a custom-built bridge to get from one enclosure to another.  Check them out:

4. Inokashira Park Zoo

Another zoo in Tokyo that boasts a guinea pig petting area is the Inokashira Park Zoo in Murashino, Tokyo.  The pens where the guinea pigs are on display are not the best, though, as they’re rather small and crowded.

5. Adventure World (UK)

Far from Japan, in the middle of the United Kingdom lies a small park called Hatton Adventure World. It offers kids the chance to participate in fun activities, but it also features a guinea pig village where kids can play with guinea pigs.

Image: Mamageek

6. Eyebright Country Store (New Zealand)

This rural country store in the heart of Maori country has a Wendelton Guinea Pig Village. Kids and adults can play with the guinea pigs and feed them treats. The guinea pigs have some beautifully-designed houses, too!

Image: Eyebright

Guinea pigs are so delightful, there should be more cafes or attractions where you can sit and hang out with them, don’t you think? ?

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets and there are many interesting places to see them around the world in modern times. If you are interested in seeing these adorable creatures, be sure to check out some of the attractions listed in this article.

In conclusion, guinea pigs make wonderful pets and there are plenty of attractions around the world that offer fun and exciting activities for guinea pig enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a place to adopt a guinea pig or just want to have some fun, be sure to check out these places!