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So, a guinea pig ramp is a guinea pig ramp, right? I mean, how much can really change from one ramp to another? Well, the reality is, you not wrong πŸ™‚ These things are pretty uniform in terms of their makeup. BUT there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when you buy a guinea pig ramp.

You should take into consideration the following variables when looking for the best guinea pig ramp: weight, length, grippyness (if that is a word), material, and of course the price. I have compiled a pretty extensive list of my recommendations for guinea pig ramps according to those above factors. However, before I break down each factor, feel free to check out my number one recommendation here if you are short on time:

These guys have made a pretty darn good ramp. Don’t believe me, check out what other people are saying right here.

Guinea Pig Ramp Evaluation Factors

So, before I go on, I just want to make a few points in regards to guinea pig ramps. Typically, we buy guinea pig cages that are pretty large…  or so we should. The last thing we want is a cage that is way too small and causes our guinea pig to feel cramped and crowded. However, that can mean that the cages end up being two stories tall…

While a lot of these cages have a ramp already installed within them, some do not (or do… but the ramp is just made incorrectly). Getting hold of an extra ramp can be incredibly helpful for your little guy when it comes to moving around. This is even more important when it comes to DIY guinea pig cages. I have seen loads of crazy guinea pig cage designs that people have made up on their own, many of them are awesome, and some… not so much.

One of the big things that seem to slip into people’s minds is the fact that guinea pigs are not natural climbers. You, therefore, need to get a ramp that is both set at the correct pitch and has sufficient grip. Guinea pigs, unlike their smaller animal counterparts, have a certain body makeup that prevents them from climbing and also using certain toys such as a hamster ball (they can use them but it causes long-term damage to their backs).

So here are the key factors that I used to evaluate the huge range of guinea pig ramps that are actually out there.

Number 1 – PRICE

No one wants to pay huge a amount of money for a guinea pig ramp… or anything really haha. For my recommendations, I have tried to keep the price to a minimum and ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. While price is obviously a factor, I have also tried to make sure that I am not compromising on the quality of the product for the sake of saving a few bucks. The classic saying, you get what you pay for typically holds true and guinea pig ramps are no exception.

Number 2 – MATERIAL

In my experience, I have found that a lot of the products that are in the pet world are not made to the same standards that human products are made to. What do I mean by this? Well, you can take guinea pig toys as an example. A lot of the material that is used in making guinea pig toys has harmful chemicals within them. These then get exposed to your guinea pig which can result in severe illnesses down the road. In the case of guinea pig ramps, these can come in the form of harmful paints and weatherproof coatings that get applied to the material. The recommendations I make have taken into consideration these chemicals and I have highlighted if there are any risks.

Number 3 – LOOK

Now I understand that look and appeal are both very subjective. Nonetheless, I think I have pretty good taste :P.So any recommendations that I make are ones that I think will look good in your guinea pig cage.


Two heads is always better than one, right? I’ve taken into consideration other people’s reviews across multiple websites and through my own personal interactions with other guinea pig owners. Personally, I think it helps to get a broad range of opinions on one subject. Guinea pig products are no exception!


Best Guinea Pig Ramp – Reviews

Guinea Pig Ramp Recommendation Number One

As I mentioned at the start of this article, my first recommendation comes from Pulse Brands. This guinea pig ramp is more designed as a bridging point between two cages. Check out the photo below to figure out what I mean by this πŸ™‚

So let’s go through the evaluation factors:


It goes without saying that if this ramp made it to number one on my list, it certainly doesn’t have any harmful toxins, paints, or chemicals added to it. Believe it or not… guinea pigs like to chew things. Wood is no exception. While a chemical coating the guinea pig ramp may seem harmless, it becomes a lot more problematic when your guinea pig starts chewing the material itself.

Last but not least, are the grooves in the ramp. These little grooves help your guinea pig get a firm grip when it is moving up and down the ramp. Like I said before, your guinea pig’s body really isn’t designed for climbing up steep angles. Anything that can get your little guy some extra support is a huge bonus.


So, if you are a frequent reader of Abyssinian Guinea Pig Tips, then you will know that I love the look of wood. Personally, I think this lamp looks great. The only problem I can see potentially arising is the gradual discoloration that will take place over time. However, a simple solution is to simply clean the ramp on a regular basis.


For me, it was this factor that made me put this ramp at the top of my list. Receiving an average of 5 stars, this guinea pig ramp is a crowd favorite. People are particularly pleased with the durability of the material that the ramp is made from (read more here). A few people mentioned that the ramp can also act as a hidey house for your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Ramp Recommendation Number 2

Next up in my list is a ramp made by Trixie Natura. Now I have not had a huge amount of experience with these guys, but they definitely know how to make a nice guinea pig ramp.

Keep in mind, while this ramp is advertised as a ‘rabbit ramp’ it is just as good a guinea pig ramp as it is anything else.


Now, as you can see, the ramp has a pine finish on the edges and a grave texture on the surface.  The only reason I didn’t put this ramp further up on the list was due to the chemical additives that are in the ramp. The pine has been treated which means a chemical ‘preservative’ has been added to it. This is great for preventing rot, but terrible if your guinea pig decided to start chewing on the wood. Just be mindful of that.

Also, the gravel mixture on the surface of the ramp has been mixed with some glues (for extra stickiness). I can’t see this being a problem for your guinea pig as I doubt they will chew this part, but just keep in mind that it is there.


I think this guinea pig ramp looks nice… but not great. Personally, this ramp seems like it would be more suited to an outdoor setting rather than placing it in a cage that is indoors.


Once again, this ramp is very highly rated by other buyers. Receiving an average of 4.5 stars, people really like the ease of application that this ramp has. In layman’s terms, it’s just super easy to set up.

Guinea Pig Ramp Recommendation Number 3

Honestly, I love this next recommendation. However, the only reason I didn’t put this guinea pig ramp further up the list is that it is more of a toy rather than anything else… In saying that though, this is a pretty awesome toy. If you are interested in guinea pig toys, check out my article all about them right here.

Pretty cool looking right? If you have some free space in your guinea pig cage, this can act as a great little toy and activity for your guinea pig. Even if your cage is pretty cramped for space, you can always set this system up somewhere where you let your little guy roam around. Trust me, your guinea pig will love this (especially if you encourage him/her with treats.


Now, the material used in this guinea pig ramp is Timber. I have been unable to find out if the timber is treated, however. Fortunately, there are clearly no nails or odd-shaped objects sticking out from this little setup. This means, there is no risk of cuts or surprise bruises. Keep in mind, that depending on the size of your guinea pig, this ramp system may be too small. Make sure you check out the dimensions before you buy. The dimensions can be found here.

The connecting tube between each tower is made from PVC plastic. This tube poses the only risk I can see in using this ramp system for your guinea pig. The tube is actually quite narrow… Personally, I don’t think this would happen but there is a chance that you’re a guinea pig who will get caught within the tube system. After measuring the tube I consider removing it, to prevent this from happening.


Personally, I think this looks pretty cool. Once again it’s made using wood and you know I’m a sucker for wood. Keep in mind, that this setup is actually rather big. So make sure you have enough space within your guinea pig cage or guinea pig run area.


One sentence… people love it. People love this setup! Getting an average of 4.5 stars is no easy task, but these guys have seemingly done it. People are seeing increased activity from their small pets with loads of reviews and post videos of their pets running around the ramps!

Thanks For Reading

I hope you found that article helpful πŸ™‚ If you have any questions related to guinea pig ramps or guinea pigs in general, feel free to ask to me. I love hearing from you guys and I am always happy to help.

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  1. I got two female guinea pigs separate cages one cage came with a plastic ramp just wondering if it ok if she chews on it ….. thinking about getting a wooden ramp but probably can’t connect it to the top part where she eats / sits there watching tv … Just don’t want to take the whole thing away from her she loves high places …

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