Do Guinea Pigs Smell

Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

Image Source: Flickr
When you think about getting a new pet, a common concern is whether your new pet is going to stink and smell up your nice home. Some pets can be quite stinky. There is good news, however:

Guinea pigs aren’t one of them.

Guinea pigs don’t normally emit a body odor. The guinea pigs themselves don’t stink at all.

Guinea pigs love to groom themselves, and they are clean animals.

As long as you’re a conscientious owner who keeps their cage clean, feeds them the right foods, provides them with exercise, and maybe even occasionally gives them a bath, you shouldn’t have a problem with any odor.

However, if you neglect your guinea pig, they can get smelly.

What Should I Do if My Guinea Pig Stinks?

Any feces or urine will stink, especially if it sits for a period of time. Guinea pig excretions are no exception.

Guinea pigs poop quite a bit (check out The Low-Down on Guinea Pig Poop for more info), so you should clean their cage daily for the best results. Just as you don’t want to smell guinea pig urine and feces, they don’t want to live in it, either.

If your guinea pig stinks, make sure it’s not coming from an unclean environment. Check for feces or urine that has stuck to either your guinea pig’s fur or his cage or toys, too.

If you sniff your guinea pig and find that he smells, there may be a medical problem, and you should get him checked out by a qualified veterinarian if you can’t determine a cause.

What Are You Feeding Your Guinea Pig?

You want to make sure that you’re providing your guinea pig the right amount of healthy and essential foods and nutrients.  Check out our handy tool or the Ultimate Food List if you’re not sure what he should be eating.

Could Your Guinea Pig Use a Bath?

Sometimes it’s helpful to bathe your guinea pig.  Check out How to Bathe a Guinea Pig for some helpful tips. You don’t want to do it too often, though, because you could dry out his skin.

What Type of Bedding Are You Using?

Some types of bedding are notorious for smelling when they get peed on.  You never want to use something like shredded newspaper, of course, but other beddings don’t hold up well, either.

One of the best options for fresh-smelling, long-lasting bedding is CareFRESH Shavings Plus because it contains a natural odor-control formula in the bedding that suppresses ammonia better than regular shavings alone.

If you’re using a fleece cage liner, make sure you’re washing it frequently.

Now you know the answer to the question, “Do guinea pigs smell?”. And you know what to do if your little guy DOES smell.

Have you ever had a smelly guinea pig? What did you do about it? Tell us in the comments below.