Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage

The best guinea pig cages don’t need to be expensive or luxurious, but they require a few specifications that you must absolutely consider to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. Read our detailed review of the best guinea pig cages including large indoor cages for guinea pigs. Although the beige ramp certainly makes my life easier and keeps my guinea pigs’ food bowls and water bottles cleaner, I wish it was a bit lower and simpler to access.

So, odds are you, you are reading this article for one of three reasons.

Reason 1: You have just bought a guinea pig or are about to buy one and you need a guinea pig house. You checked online and you noticed that pretty much all the ‘guinea pig houses’ are actually tiny and more like guinea pig prisons. Now you want to find an extra-large guinea pig cage that will actually be more like a house for your guinea pig rather than a single room.

Reason 2: You just bought a guinea pig house and you realized how small it actually is. Most of the options for guinea pig cages are WAY too small. Good on you for realizing that!

Reason 3: You just bought another guinea pig and you need something a bit larger that isn’t going to cause your guinea pigs to feel cramped (more about owning two guinea pigs here).

Now, if you are short on time and just want to find out what the best extra large guinea pig cage is (in my opinion), click the image below:

The reality is, that a lot of the houses out there that are sold as guinea pig houses are way too small. In my experience, looking for a suitably extra large guinea pig cage has meant I had to stretch the definition of a guinea pig house. Nowadays, if I recommend someone a guinea pig house I tell them to look for the house being sold as a ‘rabbit hutch’ or ‘chicken coops.’ The reality is, that the types of houses work perfectly for guinea pigs as well. On top of that, they are usually way bigger than your standard guinea pig cage.

I have considered a load of different factors when it came to my reviews of the following products. They are as follows:


No one wants to be spending a huge amount of money on a guinea pig house. However, the reality is that this house is probably going to be the most expensive item you will have to buy for your guinea pig. If you want a full estimate of how much it costs to own a guinea pig, check out my article here. In saying that though, I have tried to make sure that all the extra-large guinea pig cages that I recommend present the best value for money. This is one of those things you really don’t want to go cheap on. In this case, the higher the price the higher the quality.


Now, appeal and the look of the cage are really subjective. However, I have tried to make sure that all my recommendations are for cages that I personally think look amazing. This category also includes the structure, durability, and material used. In an ideal world, you would be able to have a chemical-free guinea pig house but than can be easier said than done. I will try my best to make sure all recommendations are as chemical-free as possible.

Other People’s Reviews

I think it always helps to get a broad range of opinions, on any subject for that matter. Guinea pig houses are no exception. I have taken into account other people’s reviews and opinions both online and through my own personal interactions with other guinea pig owners

So Let’s Get To It!

The Best Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage

It took me a while to come across the company Lovupet. I initially heard about these guys and their cages from a few different guinea pig forums. After reading a few reviews, I went ahead and bought their extra large guinea pig cage and have never looked back!


Coming in at about $175, these guys have priced their guinea pig house relatively fairly. Yes, you can get guinea pig houses for as low as $40 or even $30 dollars. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When it comes to extra large guinea pig cages, this saying couldn’t be more true.


Honestly, this is one of my favorite guinea pig cage designs currently out there (except for some of the cool DIY guinea pig cages I have seen). The wood looks amazing, the latches are a perfect size and the wire mesh doesn’t have that cage-like feel to it.

The wooden guinea pig house is constructed using natural Fir Wood. Now, one of the first things I thought when I saw how much wood was used in this house was ‘what about rot?’. Fortunately, these guys have coated the house with a natural eco-friendly weatherproof coating. This coating protects both against the rain and the sun. This protection will delay the natural wear and tear that your cage will face over time. However, keep in mind nothing last forever and the more covered this house is (from the elements), the longer it is going to last,

Another cool feature is the removable tray at the bottom of the house. This is perfect for when you want to clean the guinea pig cage (more on guinea pig cage cleaning here).

On top of all this, the size of the house is perfect as well. This is actually a two-story guinea pig house so there is plenty of room for moving around. With all this extra space, there is even room for some extra guinea pig toys. The ramp from the top to bottom level is also designed very well. Believe it or not, guinea pig ramps are actually a thing and there is more to them than meets the eye.

The cage is also incredibly sturdy with the latches never coming loose (at least in my experience).

Side note, the measurements in that photo to the right are in inches, not centimeters!

Other People’s Reviews

It is pretty hard to get a four-star review on Amazon, but these guys have done it. There were a few mentions of the denseness of the wood itself. Some people were not completely confident that the wood would prevent predators from chewing through the house, and I would agree. On top of this, I am not 100 percent certain if the wood has been treated or not. Typically, this shouldn’t be an issue. The only risk is if your guinea pig decided to start chewing the wood. If this is the case, start giving your little guy some guinea pig chew toys (read more here) to help wear down their teeth in a different way.

On top of that, while the coatings for weatherproofing are helpful, they are by no means and end all be all. I recommend keeping this cage undercover or at least trying to minimize the exposure to the elements. Nothing lasts forever, but we can always do our best to prevent the natural wearing down of things by taking care of them as best we can.

Second Best Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage

Next up on my list of extra large guinea pig cages, is the two-story outdoor hutch made by CO-Z. Weird name for a company right? But you know what, I am not too fussed about the company’s name and more interested in how good of a product they make. So let’s get into it!


Coming in at $140, this option is definitely one of the cheaper choices you can make in terms of extra large guinea pig cages. Now, don’t get me wrong, while this house is cheap, it is by no means any less of a quality product.


I mean this is obviously made of wood, it would be hard to miss… Just like my Lovupet recommendation, this guinea pig house is made using Fir wood. Firwood is known for being light and for being used as an exterior cladding to a lot of buildings. This is due to its long-lasting nature, durability, and lightweight.

The house is large but at the same time, compact. I know this statement can be kind of contradicting… What I mean is that the house doesn’t have any weird compartments sticking out the side making it hard to assemble or move around.

The bolts are also a really nice added touch. I am not 100 percent sure what the bolts are made out of (I think brass) but they are designed to prevent predators from getting in. This is great if you plan to leave your little guy outside. Keep in mind, that there is a chance that the determined predator will be able to chew through the wood. You may want to put in some extra measures to prevent this from happening.

I am not sure if the wood has been treated. However, I do know that a layer of green paint has been applied to the exterior. This paint gives the house a bit more depth in terms of look. In saying that, I do not know if the paint is chemical-free. Once again, this is not an issue as long as your guinea pig doesn’t start chewing the wood. The best way to prevent this is to simply buy some guinea pig chew toys (read more here)

Other People’s Reviews

The reviews for this cage are actually really outstanding. There are a lot of comments in regards to the sturdiness of the cage. This is especially useful if you live in a particularly windy place like myself. On top of that, the weatherproofing on the roof has been pointed out as well. The pitch of the roof is such that it creates a good amount of runoff water-wise. On top of that, it has been coated with an asphalt layer that prevents water from seeping in.

Third Best Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage

Next up is Aivituvin’s ‘Rabbit Hutch’. Once again, just keep in mind that while this hutch is advertised as being suitable for rabbits, it is also perfect for guinea pigs. Rabbits are typically larger than guinea pigs which means your little guy has even more room to move around within the house. Now, I haven’t had a huge amount of experience with Aivituvin’s products (another weird name for a company). In saying that though, I have heard great things about their guinea pig houses, and this option is no exception.


At $170, this extra-large guinea pig cage hits that sweet spot in the price range. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than my second option, but the extra features that come with this cage are what bump up the price tag just a tad.


Now I am no expert on house designs and time period, but this guinea pig house seems very ‘Tudorish’ to me. The white finish and the wood trimmings give it that lovely nice quaint look to it.

As you can see, the cage’s exterior is made almost entirely out of wood. What kind of wood do you ask? You guessed it, Fir wood. As I mentioned above, Firwood is a guinea pig house favorite due to its durability and lightweight nature. The paint that has been applied to the exterior is actually a chemical-free eco-friendly product. So no dangers to your guinea pig in this case.

The wireframes have a nice black finish. This prevents that cage-like look from occurring within your guinea pig house. Nothing looks worse than a load of raw-looking steel. At the bottom of the house, there is a removable tray. This trial will be super helpful when it comes to cleaning out your guinea’s house. How so? Well, when you do get to cleaning, all you have to do is remove the tray, wash off all the droppings and debris, and Tadaa! You’re done.

This particular product is kind of unique in that it is an extra-large guinea pig cage with wheels. Now, these wheels aren’t the sturdiest things you are ever going to see, but they definitely help with shifting the house short distances.

The roof has a waterproof asphalt coating on the top as well. This will definitely prolong the life of the house if you do intend on leaving it outside. Keep in mind, that this is a two-story guinea pig house, so there is also some room at the bottom for miscellaneous treats and toys.

Other People’s Reviews

So what do the people have to say? Pretty much everyone loves the product, the mobility factor is a huge plus (the wheels). However, I did notice one person was unhappy about one of the legs breaking. However, by the looks of it, this was an issue with the assembling of the house rather than a producer’s fault.

Being a two-story guinea pig house, there is a guinea pig ramp connecting both floors. There are some comments that the ramp is not grippy enough. A simple solution recommended by another buyer was to simply get hold of some grip tape. The grip tape was applied to the ramp and seemed to sort out the problem.


Well guys, there you go! A few notes just to keep in mind. While getting your guinea pig a larger house is great, this does not mean they need any less exposure to the outside than usual. Still, let your little guy explore the outdoors or the rest of your house. Guinea pigs are actually pretty adventurous little creatures given the opportunity. The more outdoor time they get and the more active they are, the happier they will be. On top of that, an active guinea pig typically translates to a healthier guinea pig. Keep your little guy healthy and moving.

If you guys have any questions, please fire away! I love hearing from you guys and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP