Guinea Pig Bowl

There are many different types of bowls that can be used for pet guinea pigs, but the most popular is the food bowl and water bowl. The food bowl should have a small opening at the top so that the guinea pig can get to the food easily, while the water bowl should have a hole in the bottom so that the guinea pig can drink. Some people also like to buy a large plastic storage container and cut it in half so that it makes two smaller bowls.   Ideally, you would like to find a location where you can place the bowl of food next to the water bottle since the ball can drink and eat as you go. However, the bowl of food should not get too close to the water bottle. You need to ensure that you change the food and water dish in your guinea pig’s cage daily.

Can Guinea Pigs Drink From A Bowl?

When I first considered whether or not I should buy a guinea pig bowl, my first thought was, can guinea pigs drink from a bowl? In hindsight, this was such a silly thing to think because guinea pigs, in their natural environment, are always drinking from lakes, ponds, puddles, and streams…

So of course guinea pigs can drink from a bowl

Now, bowls can be used for both food and water, and in my opinion, I would use a bowl for food and a drip feeder for water. If you are looking for a water drip feeder, check out this little guy here, quality and great value for money:

However, if you are pretty set on getting a bowl for your guinea pig’s water there are a few things you should know. When considering what guinea pig bowl you end up buying, it is, in my experience, best to consider the following things:

  • Hygiene
  • Maintenance
  • Price

I know it seems like a lot for something so simple but believe me, there is more to it than meets the eye.


When drinking out of a guinea pig water bowl, your guinea pigs are naturally going to occasionally track unwanted sediment into the water. Whether it be dirt, dust, or their own waste, it’s going to happen. So if you are pretty set on buying a water bowl for your guinea pig over a water feeder, you have to be willing to change the water out pretty regularly.

Ideally, you will be topping up the once-a-day (depending on how many guinea pigs you have) and at the least once every three days. The longer you leave it the more contaminated the water is likely to get, especially since the water is not moving.


The maintenance side of things goes hand in hand with hygiene in terms of your guinea pig bowl purchase. The water bowls for your guinea pig more typically require more work simply because you will be needing to top them up more than once whereas, whereas, with a drip feeder, you can load up a whole week’s supply of water and not have to worry about it.

As well as topping the water bowl up regularly, also consider the cleaning aspect of things. It is not super time-consuming but it is something to keep in mind.


Obviously, a bigger bowl is gonna cost you more money. However, if you have more than one guinea pig, this may be one of those extra necessary purchases you just have to make. You can really use anything like a bowl for your guinea pig AS LONG as they can comfortably get to the water. The last thing you want is a high bowl that your guinea pig has to climb to reach. This could lead to them actually falling into the water bowl and drowning. Get something small and easy.

Here is an example of something that would perfectly as a guinea pig water bowl, or bowl in general:

You can pick up a bowl that is suitable for a guinea pig for SUPER cheap. The one I recommend above is only about $4.00. Of course, you can go up and down in price depending on the type and size of the bowl you are after. You can use this bowl for food as well as water, obviously!

I highly recommend to people who are looking for the best way to give water to their guinea pig to go ahead and purchase a drip feeder. Drip feeders are more effective, more hygienic and an all-around better product when it comes to keeping your little guys hydrated. If you want to know about the best drip feeders, check out my article on the button below:

In conclusion, guinea pigs can drink from a bowl and it is a good way to give them water. If you have a guinea pig, make sure to put a bowl of water in their cage so they can stay hydrated. One bowl should be dedicated to fresh food like vegetables and fruits while others will hold dry food like pellets and hay. It should be noted that ceramic bowls are way far better than plastic ones due to their durability.

And you’ll be reassured they will always have access to clean water from the bottle.