Guinea Pig Hidey House

Guinea pig hidey houses are an awesome little addition to your guinea pig’s home. Personally, I have bought all sorts of toys and treats for my guinea pig and well… a hidey house is one of the best individual things I have gotten ahold of. When you think about it, they are so low maintenance and so easy to install, it’s one of the best things you can get, both for you and your guinea.

So! I have put together a list of my favourite guinea pig hidey houses. I have also given some pretty darn good reasons for why I think these houses should be on the list, but if you have any questions, just yell out in the comment section below.

Now, if you are short on time and you don’t want to do a whole lot of reading, here is my first recommendation below:

Niteangel’s Hidey House

Niteangel has been in the game for a long time when it comes to small pet items. And as of recently, they have just created this crowd favourite.

Now, I know this hidey house doesn’t look like the craziest and most beautiful thing out there but guinea pigs love this thing. It’s functional, easy to clean and the perfect size.

Speaking of size, the dimensions for the house are as follows: 11.7 x 10.8 x 6.8 inches (Length x Width x Height). The door size is – 3.7 x 5.2 inches (Width x Height) and the window size is – 3.2 x 3.6 inches (Width x Height). Keep dimensions in mind not just when considering if this is big enough for your guinea pig but depending on how big the guinea pig cage will be. Figure out a spot to keep the hidey house and measure up if there is enough space.

The Material 

The material is… yes, you guessed it, pine wood and to be specific pine.

Pine is a great material when it comes to housing for guinea pigs as it creates a natural sense of comfort for your little guy. On top of that, pine is also a naturally rot-resistant material. Pine is also an incredibly renewable material (environmentally speaking) and very easy to work with. This easy to work with factor is also the reason why a lot of the houses made for guinea pigs are made using pine.

Now, guinea pigs will typically chew on the hidey houses that you end up buying them, however, getting hold of a house made from a durable material helps keep these things around a lot longer. Compared to the woven or flax holiday houses, this pine option will save you money in the long run simply due to you not having to replace the houses every now and then.

Guinea Pig Hidey House Recommendations 

Now a few of the recommendations I’ll be making are hidey houses that might not strictly be defined as guinea pig hidey houses. The thing is, there are a lot more products out there for other smaller pets (especially rabbits). However, almost without fail, the products that are designed for other animals usually suit guinea pigs just as well, if not better.

For example, a rabbit hidey house is actually gonna be a fantastic toy for a guinea pig as it is actually going to be a lot more spacious compared to anything else out there. So, if some of my recommendations are a bit confusing, it is just because they are not strictly for guinea pigs, but they work just as well!

Piggies Choice Guinea Pig Hidey House

So, my second favourite guinea pig house that I have come across is from a group called ‘Piggies Choice’. This hidey house (along with my first recommendation), is a crowd favourite. Don’t believe me, check out what other people are saying here.

This hidey house is designed to be placed in the corner of your guinea pig house rather than in the middle. The designers were trying to figure out the best way to utilise dead space. So rather than creating something that is placed in the centre of the cage, the corner placement allows for, what is normally dead space, to be utilised. The dimensions of the hidey house are as follows: 12 inches in width x 12 inches in length x 7 inches in height. At max capacity, this hidey house can hold three full-grown guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs also tend to enjoy jumping on top of the house which is perfect seeing as though 7 inches is not an insurmountable height for your guineas.

Now you may notice that the price is a bit higher than my first recommendation but in my mind, it is not a big deal. Why? Well, the money (I don’t know if it is profit or revenue) goes to the LA guinea pig rescue, so your purchase is also supporting a good cause 🙂

The Material

Just like my first hidey house recommendation, this guinea pig hidey house is made using pine. Keep in mind, that this pine is untreated… What does that mean? In simple terms, for pine to be treated it is to be coated in a range of chemicals, most notably arsenic. I tend to steer clear of anything that is made using treated material when it comes to guinea pig products.

As I am sure you probably already know, guinea pigs tend to chew on anything and everything. I like to make sure that what they chew on is chemical-free, hence the big tick from me on this product.

The paint coating this material is also chemical-free so you can feel pretty confident that your guineas won’t be around any nasty materials. You can really tell when a product is made by a guinea pig owner and when a product is not.

Sun Grow’s Grass Guinea Pig Hidey House

So, unlike my previous two recommendations, this hidey house is not made using pine… or wood for that matter. On top of that, this guinea pig hidey house is actually advertised as a rabbit hidey house but works just as well for guinea pigs.

The Material 

Now, my first question with this house was, why grass? What are the advantages/pros/cons of using grass as a hidey house material instead of wood? Well, I did a bit of research and found some distinct differences and drew some of my own conclusions.

The grass used in this product creates a certain scent that is similar to what a guinea pig would experience in its natural environment. As a result, the grass material creates a natural sense of comfort for your guinea pigs when they decide to go to the hidey house.

The grass is hidey house that is hand made and comprised entirely of grass. Soooo, no nasty chemicals which is a huge plus. Being made of grass (a softer material than wood) your guinea pig will naturally be more inclined to do some chewing… on the house ;). My first thought when I realised this, was, why would I buy something that my guinea pig is going to end up chewing through? And it is a fair question because isn’t it a bit of a waste of money?

Well, the way I see it, this hidey house can act as two toys for your guinea pig. First, as what it is designed for… a hidey house. And second, as a chew toy. Guinea pig chew toys are super important as unlike humans, a guinea pig’s teeth continue growing throughout their entire life. Fortunately, being made of a corse and healthy material, this guinea pig hidey house acts as a perfect chew toy and playhouse (two birds, one stone).

One more really cool feature about this hidey house is that it is super easy to store and move around. The house has been designed to fold and compress upon itself.

One little tip: place some fleece lining at the bottom of the hidey house. This will preserve the life of the house for much longer simply due to there being no moister or liquid causing rot. Simply remove the fleece lining every couple of weeks to wash it and this house will last a lot longer.

Niteangle’s Grass Hidey House

So yeah, I have recommended Niteangle’s products twice. My thinking is if they make something good and they make it well, you outta know about it 🙂

So, keeping in form with my grass hidey house recommendations, I have decided to show you one created by, yep, Niteangle. This house is handmade using completely natural materials. As I said at the start, guinea pigs like to chew things, and this hidey house won’t be any different. So, to combat your guinea pigs chewing up the house, for the same price, these guys include a huge range of chew toys.

The Chew Toys

Keeping on par with the all-natural take on the house, these chew toys are completely organic and healthy for your little guy. This grass guinea pig hidey house is made primarily using Sisal Tassel. Before doing my research, I had no idea what Sisal Tassel actually was. Well, Sisal is the Mexican leaf from the Mexican agave plant (fleshy and durable). For it to be ‘Sisal Tassel,’ it is basically a compound of a few different products typically cotton.

The toys are as follows: 

  • Grass Hut
  • Bundle of Apple Sticks
  • Bundle of Bamboo Sticks
  • Pinecone
  • Loofah
  • Seagrass Ball
  • Water Hyacinth Ball
  • Rattan Ball

If you are interested in a more extensive list of toys, click the link here.

Why Should You Buy A Guinea Pig Hidey House?

Guinea pig hidey houses are awesome toys for your little guy. Personally, I try and provide my guinea pigs with every opportunity possible to exercise, explore and get out and about. When I can’t let them out of their cage, I try and make sure they have plenty of things around them to mess around with. Hidey houses are one of those things I try and put in the mix as far as what my guinea pigs can play with when they are in their cage.

Hidey houses can also provide a perfect sleeping area for your guinea as long as you ensure the interior is warm and comfortable. Personally, I like to place a linen blanket on the inside of the hidey house. This provides a nice cushioned layer and an easy cleaning solution. This is super helpful if the hidey house is made from the grass as it prevents the bottom from rotting out.

In conclusion, a Guinea Pig Hidey House is a great way to provide your pet with a place to hide and play. They are easy to make and can be customized to fit your pet’s needs. Be sure to check out the different designs from guinea pig experts online and get started on your own today!

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