How Many Babies Can A Guinea Pig Have?

Guinea pigs can have litters that range in size from 1 pup all the way up to 8. Okay, that doesn’t really help to much does it, humans can have up to 5 kids at a time but that hardly ever happens right?

So Whats The Average Guinea Pig Litter Size?

Typically, a guinea pig will have 2-5 babies per litter. This is the standard amount of pups from my experience and of course you will get the occasional outlier every now and then, but it is pretty rare. Now it might be a bit to late for me to say this, but veterinarians typically do not recommend that individual pet owners try and breed their guinea pigs. The reality is, a female guinea pig’s lifespan can be drastically reduced just by having babies. On top of this, if your guinea pig has become pregnant for the first time and is older than 8 months you could be looking at some health problems down the line.

It’s not nice news, but just take it as a warning. Female guinea pigs that are over the age of 8 months (and have not given birth yet) have typically have whats called ‘stiffening of the symphysis.’

Stiffening Of The Symphysis In Guinea Pigs

Once this stiffening does take place, which is essentially the joint of tough fibrous cartilage between the two pubic bones of the pelvis hardening, a cesarean may be required. However, cesarian sections rarely go well, even when preformed by a veterinarian so your best bet is to simply insure that your guinea doesn’t get pregnant for the first time after 8 months.

So there you go… I hope that answers your question as to how many babies can a guinea pig have! Just keep in mind all the health related factors involved with your guinea pig giving birth. As with anything there are always associated risks, just be aware of them 🙂 
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