Guinea Pig Breed Guide: How Well Do You Know the Silkie (Sheltie)?

Since their origin in the early 1970s, Silkies have taken the guinea pig world by storm. Generally the best match for experienced owners and those interested in shows, Silkies make excellent companions, though their long coats demand quite a bit of care. Do you know the origins of the Silkie breed? What about grooming that … Read more

What is Popcorning and Why do Guinea Pigs Do It?

Have you ever seen a child jump for joy on Christmas morning or at her birthday party? That spontaneous eruption of happiness isn’t limited to people–and that’s exactly what popcorning is for guinea pigs! [toc] What Does Popcorning Look Like? Guinea pigs that are very happy will sometimes convulse with joy, jumping into the air … Read more

Beginner Guinea Pig Checklist


So you just got a guinea pig and you want to know what the essentials are. There are a whole range of things that you are going to need to get a hold of if you want to own a guinea pig. These can go from simply owning a guinea pig cage all the way … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Smell?


Do guinea pigs smell? The simple answer is yes, they do. What they smell like is a different matter altogether. In my experience, people’s sense of smell is always vaguely different but very similar. For example, I characterize a guinea pig’s normal smell like freshly cut hay. But I have heard people say their guinea … Read more

Guinea Pig Odor


Guinea pig odor can be soooo overwhelming, especially if you have your guinea pig cage inside the house. In my experience, guinea pigs can create two odors, one that is the typical small animal smell that all critters like Guinea pigs, mice, and hamsters have. The other odor is that gross unpleasant waste smell that … Read more

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go Without Water?

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go Without Water

So how long can guinea pigs go without water? A guinea pig’s daily water requirement is roughly similar to that of a hamster’s which is about 2 teaspoons of water per 100 grams of weight. So the simple calculation would be to first figure out how much your guinea pig weighs (which is typically anywhere … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Young?


In the wild, it is no surprise when we hear of animals eating their young. We see it with polar bears, fish, and even primates occasionally. So do guinea pigs eat their young? Well, the simple answer is yes, guinea pigs do eat their young. While this is very rare, there have been reports of … Read more

How Many Babies Can A Guinea Pig Have?

How many babies can a guinea pig have

Guinea pigs can have litters that range in size from 1 pup all the way up to 8. Okay, that doesn’t really help to much does it, humans can have up to 5 kids at a time but that hardly ever happens right? So Whats The Average Guinea Pig Litter Size? Typically, a guinea pig … Read more

Baby Guinea Pigs


Baby guinea pigs are miniature guinea pigs that are usually between 3 and 6 weeks old. They are very friendly and playful animals that love to play and explore their environment. Guinea pig owners often choose these little guys because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for. They also provide a great opportunity … Read more

Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage

Buying a store-bought guinea pig cage has its drawbacks. For one thing, most of the ones found at my local pet store or department store are not very big, but yet they cost $59 and up.  Also, the ones I have found are not very stylish.  In fact, they’re all pretty plain and boring, and … Read more