Guinea Pig Travel Carrier

Guinea Pig Travel Carrier

Sometimes you just have to go on the road and you don’t want to leave your little guys at home. Depending on how far you are going to travel, different travel carriers are more suitable than others. Fortunately, a whole range of companies have come out with loads of different guinea pig carriers, so you … Read more

Critter Zone Review For Small Pets

Critter Zone Review For Small Pets

Seeing as though this blog is all about guinea pigs, I thought it would only be fair to talk about critter zone in the context of guinea pigs and therefore, other small pets. I love critter zone and it has done wonders for controlling my guinea pig’s odor, so I thought I would go ahead … Read more

Guinea Pig Bowl

Guinea Pig Bowl

There are many different types of bowls that can be used for pet guinea pigs, but the most popular is the food bowl and water bowl. The food bowl should have a small opening at the top so that the guinea pig can get to the food easily, while the water bowl should have a … Read more

Best Guinea Pig Cage For 2 – Review

Guinea Pig Cage For Two

So you have two guinea pigs. That’s Great! Guinea pigs are cute little animals that are often kept as pets. They are also very social creatures who enjoy being around other guinea pigs. If you want to get a pet guinea pig, then you should consider buying a cage that has enough space for them … Read more

Cavie Fun: Best Toys for Guinea Pigs Reviewed


Guinea pigs love to play with toys, and good pet parents will offer the best variety of toys to keep them occupied and provide hours of enjoyment. Unfortunately, not every toy marketed for cavies is a good idea, and from the nut- and seed-packed chew treats to dangerous glues and paints, it pays to know … Read more

Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage

Buying a store-bought guinea pig cage has its drawbacks. For one thing, most of the ones found at my local pet store or department store are not very big, but yet they cost $59 and up.  Also, the ones I have found are not very stylish.  In fact, they’re all pretty plain and boring, and … Read more

Outdoor Guinea Pig Run Ideas


Give your guinea pig a safe area to run around outside, feel the fresh air, and munch on fresh grass with these outdoor guinea pigs run ideas. Guinea pigs are awake up to 20 hours a day, and no one wants to sit in a cage all day, every day. To increase your guinea pig’s … Read more

Inches to Square Feet Tool – Is Your Cage Big Enough?

Here’s a free calculator to help you calculate how many square feet of living space you are giving your guinea pig. Just enter the length and width of his cage in inches to calculate the square footage. You want a minimum of 7.5 square feet for a single guinea pig, and a minimum of 10.5 … Read more